The Struggles Of Seeking Proper Assistance In This World – By Susan Riley

  Once upon a time, I was that girl that was raised to believe you had to fit in but I was also raised to say what I felt and live the life, I wanted to live.  I was taught to shoot for the stars and never give up on anything. I was brought up... Continue Reading →


How To Properly Use Your Free Time

There are many students who study more than 6 hours a day after school, but still don't get the grades they deserve. Same goes for the people who work 9-5, come home and start working all over again and they also work on weekends. And they are not as wealthy as they should be. So... Continue Reading →

How To Overcome Bad Habits

You can only have so much habits. Having too many productive habits on your plate will leave you burdened. And none of those habits will work if you have bad habits. These bad habits will neutralize the affect of your good habits and will make you wonder why it didn't work. Overcoming bad habits is... Continue Reading →

How To Overcome Your Fears

We all have experienced fear in our lives. It's nothing to be ashamed of. In fact, fear is a blessing in the disguise. Fear tells us where our limit lies. But the sad part is, many of us get held back by fear. We stay in that small bubble of our comfort zone. We don't... Continue Reading →

Tips For Shooting In Monochrome

AHHH.... Monochrome!!! I call this the magical mode. I am a monochrome photographer. Its my niche. I believe I can do more with monochrome than with colored. It is just magic. If you capture monochrome perfectly, you are one hell of a photographer. And the pictures you took, are nothing short of magic. But this... Continue Reading →

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